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Mandala Classes 

As a teacher of sacred Tibetan buddhist art in the Gyuto Monastery tradition, Lama Tendar is highly skilled in creating both painted and sand mandalas, and also making butter sculptures. Mandalas are a sacred representation of the mind of enlightenment. Painting mandala is a life changing experience as it helps to develop patience, tolerance and mental clarity, and cuts through negative habitual patterns.


Lama Tendar patiently takes each student through a journey of creating their own mandala. Though its design is formalised, each completed mandala reflects the personal spiritual evolution of the individual making it. Ultimately it is a personal journey of spiritual growth and self-discipline.


Lama Tendar teaches the meanings of the mandala symbols, as well as associated practice. The mandala is a pure land of enlightenment. This is an unique opportunity to refine the quality of one’s mind and thus generate peace and happiness in the world.