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Sound Healing Courses 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Sound Healing Courses 1&2, and 3&4 with Lama Tendar will take place in October and November 2022. This is an amazing opportunity to undertake both courses concurrently or to complete level 3&4 if you have previously completed the first unit.

Lama Tendar is a qualified, authentic Tibetan Healer, having received direct instruction and lineage transmission of this very sacred and profound method of healing from his own gurus when undertaking monastic training in Tibet and India.

Healing is derived from Wisdom and Compassion energies that are transmitted through living Masters from thousands of years of an unbroken lineage. These highly realised Masters have themselves cultivated pure morality, wisdom and compassion at a high level. They have done the rigorous mind training themselves and have in turn also trained students minds in wisdom and compassion. This is a very rare feature in the Tibetan Guru Lineage system.

"Sound is wisdom and Vibration is compassion."

Cultivating the inner qualities of wisdom and compassion is the foundation of generating pure sound that calms coarse level mental afflictions and brings the mind to a state of tranquility.

Lama Tendar teaches students to understand the nature of the mind from a Buddhist perspective, and how vibrational energy can affect the mind and body at a cellular level. During this course you will receive oral transmissions of sacred mantras from Lama Tendar, to generate wisdom and compassion for yourself and for all infinite sentient beings on your path to healing.

Please enrol now as places are limited, so as not to miss out. These will be the last courses held this year with Lama Tendar.

Please note if you have completed Levels 1&2, you will need to complete Levels 3&4 before a certificate of completion will be issued to you.

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