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Yak Yak Yak !!!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The annual Tibetan Children's Fund fundraising dinner for 2020 was a HUGE success. The event was held at the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre gompa and via Zoom. It was fantastic to see so many people join in from both near and far.

The wonderful event host Michelle did an outstanding job MC-ing the event via Zoom from her home in Adelaide, encouraging everyone to throw there hands up and declare YAK YAK YAK !!! when they wanted to contribute toward donating a full Yak ( $400) or a 'hind quarter' ($50+).

Lama Tendar explained the very important cultural and environmental role Yaks have for Tibetan families and communities. Very robust, long lived animals that provide yak wool, milk, butter, cheese and yogurt for families. They are also important for transportation, for trade or breeding stock and when farming the composted manures become a vital soil nutrient improver.

Many generous people donated and / or bid on items in the fundraising auction or contributed via ticket and yak sales across the evening to pledge an astounding ( drumroll please.........) $25,000 !!

Like previous years an amazing Tibetan feast was prepared for those in attendance and the Zoom guests could only dream of how good the Momo's were !! ( Tibetan dumplings )

Thanks to everyone involved, with a big shout out to Michelle, Stan, Lemai, Jumpa, Sonam, Lama Tendar and all of the other volunteers on the ground for seamlessly bringing the event together. An amazing outcome that will have an immense benefit for Tibetan children & families.

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