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Comments This is a repository of xp-pen project and personal projects. Everything is kept here and organized to be easily found. I decided to keep here the latest user's guides and drivers and the latest versions of the applications. Having a problem? This is the right place to ask for help. Ask for support, ask for help, give support. Here you'll find drivers for Linux/Unix and Windows operating system. So you can also ask for help in using the latest version of the XP-Pen driver/software that you have installed on your computer. I hope you find this useful, please don't hesitate to send me feedback or ideas for new content. If you have problems with a particular application or driver you can contact me via the contact form on the website. Post a problem If you have a problem, try to solve it by yourself. If that's not enough, contact me, I can try to help you. I'm also available for support and answering technical questions. Ask a question It is better to ask a question than to send me a generic message. That's not very smart. Report an error If you have problems with the software or you find a bug, you should report it. If you are still using XP-Pen driver version X.Y.Z and you found a bug in this driver or an application, report it to me. If you have problems using an application or a driver, let me know. Contact me You can contact me via e-mail or twitter. The address for both is listed in my profile. Drivers For Linux operating system : For Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and Mac operating system: For Linux and Mac operating system: Software Available in repos for Arch Linux/Ubuntu : Available in repos for Fedora : For Ubuntu : For Debian : For Gentoo : For openSUSE : The latest version of the driver/software is released under the General Public License (GPL) as a package for Fedora and OpenSUSE. So you can install them on Ubuntu with: sudo yum install xp-pen-driver-x.y.z or sudo zypper in xp-pen-driver-x.y.z Be aware that drivers may be broken after installing a new




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