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The.Fall.of.the.Dungeon.Guardians.Enhanced.Edition-PLAZA Torrent (2022)




– Gameplay The dungeon-crawling RPG gets a dose of tactical action with enemies, traps, and treasure. – Stylish, diverse, and approachable: tactical combat and dungeon crawling don’t have to be brutal or complex, they can be cool and fun too. – Check out our teaser trailer on YouTube! PULLMAN – i2: Rivals by i2 PULLMAN – i2: Rivals is a hybrid of a roguelike and RPG, a 2D RPG in a 3D dungeon-crawling world. Wield over 200 weapons and powers, find and equip rare artifacts, as well as unravel a vast conspiratorial plot. The world is your oyster! – Best Roll & Equip: Can you roll the dice on your own? With over 200 weapons, gear and powers, you’ll always have something to do. Find the right item for the job, and roll up your own path. – Story and characters: An epic, story-driven experience full of supernatural intrigue and romance, as well as tough and brutal PvP combat. – Endlessly replayable: Unique item progression, weapon and power progression, enemies and dungeons – and there’s more than 3500 items to discover. RIDDLE GAMES – Gameplay by Humble Indie Bundle Riddle Games is a board game inspired by the classic text adventure games. It takes place in a mystical fantasy world inhabited by colorful inhabitants and nasty monsters, and you must solve quests, puzzles, and riddles to earn their trust and help them save their homeland. All of this is wrapped up in an atmospheric environment with beautiful hand-drawn artwork and vivid animations, and it’s all playable in 5 unique languages and 7 different interfaces. – Atmospheric 3D graphics with 4 levels of difficulty: Where the previous board game entries were more on the text adventure side, Riddle Games is more traditional board game fare. Yet the fantastic visuals are back, along with a 4 difficulty level for a more satisfying experience. – 7 unique languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. – 7 game interfaces: 5 classic interfaces (keyboard, touch, portable, web and Android) and 2 new ones (touch and Android). – iPad-optimized interface.



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