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Your generosity enables us to purchase a yak for a Tibetan family living in Eastern Tibet. Yaks have an enormously important cultural and enviromental heritage throughout Tibet. 


The yak you purchase will support a family with yak wool, milk, butter, cheese and yogurt.  Yaks are used for transportation, for trade and breeding stock. The dried animal waste is used as a combustable fuel and  energy source and when fresh helps to improve the soil with high nutrient  composted fertiliser for farming.  Yaks are very long lived robust animals and are a valuable comodity within Tibetan communities.


 Lama Tendar will make arrangements for the animal to be purchased and offered to a suitable family.   One Yak costs $400 AUD to purchase and deliver. 


Any meritorious gesture of generosity creates a karmic link between yourself and the virtuous activities it allows.   Thank you for your kind support.

Sponsor a YAK

PriceFrom $50.00