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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation
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Weekly Friday Night Meditation

The mind is the key factor through which to cultivate the inner qualities of wisdom and compassion.  The purpose of meditation is to stabilise one’s mind and to recognise the nature of mind. Through meditation, we can enhance the clarity and tranquility of our minds. This allows one to be more aware of one’s mental, verbal and physical actions and thus generate pure moral discipline.


These meditation sessions help to free us from the influence of afflictive emotions and physical lethargy, and thus enable us to turn daily life challenges into opportunities for spiritual growth. It opens the door to liberation from samsara and to developing Bodhichitta that leads to the permanent happiness of full enlightenment.


These meditation sessions are a good place to learn Buddhist teaching and practice. A variety of topics are covered such as:

Introduction to Buddhist dharma;


  • How to practice meditation daily, including the chanting of prayers and mantras;

  • Calm abiding meditation;

  • Insight meditation on various topics, such as precious human life and impermanence;

  • Visualisation of various deities; and

  • Medicine buddha meditation for healing.


Come to learn and enjoy a guided meditation for cultivating great compassion and inner peace. You can participate in person or remotely via  ZOOM, simply RSVP or email us for the zoom log in details.  Suggested contribution is $20 

Sound Bath Healing Meditation

In Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy the origin of “Life” is sound and light. Beneath the surface, everyone of us is composed of frequencies and vibrations.

Sound is wisdom and vibration is compassion.

Cultivating the inner qualities of wisdom and compassion is the foundation of generating pure sound that calms coarse level mental afflictions and brings the mind to a state of tranquility.


In the two-hour sound bath Lama Tendar performs Tibetan Buddhist Chanting and employs various sound instruments. This generates a powerful energy field for the audience to experience a beneficial transformation in mind and body. This is an unique opportunity to restore positive energy so that your mind becomes more refined and your body refreshed. It is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety.


Follow the link for or more detail on Lama Tendar's training as a specialist Healer and holder of the Tibetan Tantric Sound Healing Lineage. 

Please bring your yoga matt and a blanket or pillow for comfort.

A range of quality authentic Tibetan singing bowls will be available for purchase and our gift store is open to browse.


For dates, refer to the list of events or contact us for more information.

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