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Sacred Sounds

Lama Tendar has recorded and released a number of albums that are now available as MP3 downloads.  This is a precious opportunity to enjoy authentic Tibetan tantric chanting of the Gyuto tradition.

Tendar's chanting comes from a tradition which dates back many centuries. It is a deep harmonic chanting which has the ability to heal the heart and bring clarity to the mind.   Chanting produces vibrational energy, which is well recognised for its healing effects at a physical, metal and emotional level. Tendar's deep harmonic chanting touches every cell of the body and offers the listener warm feelings and inner peace, by opening chakras and releasing blocked energy.


The chanting produces a resonating energy which is healing, relaxing and brings inner peace to the listener. This chanting brings world peace, good energy to the environment and protects one from negativity.

By listening to it, the listener develops wisdom and compassion, warm-heartedness, inner peace and tranquility. The chanting itself is a blessing.


Each track has a 30 second preview. The Album price and individual song price is a minimum donation contribution amount, you may choose to pay more.

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