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Our Story

Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre is dedicated to Medicine Buddha healing for the benefit of all with good health and happiness. Our goal is to cultivate Love and Compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings in our world. 


We are located at 132 Kars Street Frankston South, walking distance to Port Phillip Bay and the Sweetwater Nature Reserve. The centre is open to anyone, not only those of Buddhist faith, we welcome you to get involved in person or online. 


The Venerable Lobsang Tendar is the spiritual director and founder of our center. He has achieved first division in specialization on all subjects pertaining to tantra discipline, the highest degree offered by the Gyuto Tantric University.

Lama Tendar  has worked tirelessly to establish the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Center, Tibetan Children’s Fund and Shantideva Foundation.

The Medicine Buddha Centre teaches the importance of  Wisdom and Compassion through an extensive annual program of events and retreats.

We  provide mind training and Dharma teaching from beginner level to advanced level of practice.

Our current events are listed in more detail on the events page, or check the monthly calendar view to plan ahead.

International retreats and pilgrimage tours to India, Nepal, Tibet and Bali are a highlight of our annual retreat and teaching  program.  These opportunities can often have a life changing transformative effect on the participants.

In addition to our regular program, Lama Tendar offers private appointments for Tibetan Sacred Tantric Sound Healing, along with a range of services such as Buddhist counseling and blessings.  Powa and Bardo prayers are available on request for the recently deceased. 

You can support the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Centre by attending our events, purchasing the high quality items from our store, offering a donation or volunteering your time.


We invite everyone to get involved !

Lama Tendar

Returning to Australia in 2003, Lama Tendar now resides in Melbourne, teaching meditation, Tibetan language, sacred art and chant. Lama Tendar became an Australian citizen in June 2015. 

Lama Tendar travels across Australia to teach meditation at various centres and retreats, preforming blessings, sacred rituals, healings and Buddhist ceremonies and also participating in community cultural programs.

lama-tendar3 - web image.jpg

Lama Tendar was born in the Kham district, Eastern Tibet. He became a monk at the age of twelve at Dego Somdupling Monastery in Tibet. In Lhasa, Lama Tendar studied at Gyuto Ramoche monastery for seven years, learning the ancient art of Tibetan Tantric Sacred Sound and Mantra Chanting, Prayer and Meditation. Lama Tendar later attended the Tenzin Gang Gyuto Monastery and studied at the Gyuto Tantric University in India for a further 14 years. Here he qualified as a teacher of sacred Buddhist art and Tibetan Tantric Healing, he also became Chant Master and Tantric Master.

In 2000 Lama Tendar commenced travelling to various European countries as Chant Master with the Gyuto monks.  Tendar came to Australia for the first time in 2001, travelling extensively with the Gyuto monks, chanting and making sand mandalas, butter sculptures and teaching Dharma and deep meditation.

Teacher & Healer

Lama Tendar, is the Spiritual Director of the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre, the Tibetan Children's Fund and the Shantideva Buddhist Foundation.

Lama Tendar has been helping people with healing since he came to Australia though Buddhist Blessings and Healings.

In Western culture, teaching and healing are often seen as two distinct applications of knowledge, whereas in Buddhist practice such distinctions dissolve. The mind is itself the sourse of much sorrrow and illness which can be healed when we learn to apply the Buddha's compassion to others and to ourselves. 

Lama Tendar has helped many people though his healing and compassion. Lama Tendar also sees helping and healing the community and the land as a substantial part of his service. He will help anyone who asks.

We are very fortunate to be learning Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Healing, it comes from a long lineage passed from teacher to student, who they themselves then become teachers like Lama Tendar.


Students will be learning from an oral tradition passed down to Lama Tendar from the Master Lineage.

The Gyuto monastery is known for healing through Sacred Sound and Chantings.

Lama Tendar in Front of the Himalayas.JP
Lineage Masters
Gyatso Gyatso.jpg

Lama Tendar's background in healing goes back to his early days in Lhasa where he was fortunate enough to meet his first teacher, Gen Thupten Dhampa, a true Tibetan Healer who spent over 30 years in a cave cultivating wisdom and compassion and achieving realisations for the benefit of beings.


Healing is derived from Wisdom and Compassion energies that are transmitted through living Masters from thousands of years of an unbroken lineage. These highly realised Masters have themselves cultivated pure morality, wisdom and compassion at a high level. They have done the mind training themselves and have trained students' minds in wisdom and compassion. This is a very rare feature in the Tibetan Guru Lineage system.


Since becoming a monk at the age of 12, Lama Tendar has studied and trained under the watchful eye of his teacher who is a real authentic qualified Tibetan Medicine Healer and Master, in Tibet, and then he did further training in India, to become a qualified Lama and Healing Master himself. This was achieved through his own personal efforts and rigorous practice. Like his previous Teacher, he is the Holder of Wisdom and Compassion and Healing energy who practices for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Follow the link for more information on the other teachers and sangha at the Medicine Buddha Trantrayana Centre 

LamaTenar - Teacher / Healer
Lineage Masters - Healing
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