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Medicine Buddha Tantric Healing 

In Tibetan Buddhism, healing takes place with the removal of the three poisons of attachment, anger and delusion. 
The main practice is Medicine Buddha practice for healing. Medicine Buddha is the Healing Buddha. He is the King of The Healers.


When Medicine Buddha became enlightened, he promised to free all beings from samsara through his power of compassion. By seeing his face, hearing his name or chanting his mantra, beings are filled with blessings and will never wander towards the lower realms. By practicing Medicine Buddha , we can overcome sickness and diseases.


Lama Tendar's background in healing goes back to his early days in Lhasa where he was fortunate enough to meet his first teacher, Gen Thupten Dhampa, a true Tibetan Healer who spent over 30 years in a cave cultivating wisdom and compassion and achieving realisations for the benefit of beings.


Healing is derived from wisdom and compassion energies that are transmitted through living Masters from thousands of years of an unbroken lineage. These highly realised Masters have themselves cultivated pure morality, wisdom and compassion at a high level. They have done the mind training themselves and have trained students' minds in wisdom and compassion. This is a very rare feature in the Tibetan Guru Lineage system.


Since becoming a monk at the age of 12, Lama Tendar has studied and trained under the watchful eye of his teacher who is a real authentic qualified Tibetan Medicine Healer and Master, in Tibet, and then he did further training in India, to become a qualified Lama and Healing Master himself. This was achieved through his own personal efforts and rigorous practice. Like his previous Teacher, he is the Holder of Wisdom and Compassion and Healing energy who practices for the benefit of all sentient beings.


"A Healer is someone who is the holder of Wisdom and Compassion all day and all night, 24 hours a day, everyday and who thinks constantly about living beings being free from sickness, disease and all suffering."


Lama Tendar dedicates his practice to all living beings, not one left behind. His promise is each day, "to make even one person happy." He dedicates himself to teach others how to live a positive life, cultivate a positive mind, how to be confident in oneself, to understand the causes of negative things and how much these negativities cause us suffering and that we should let go of these "unnecessary unwanted poisons" of the mind.

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