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International Tours

Lama Tendar and the Medicine Buddha Centre hold annual tours and pilgrimages where we travel to sacred Buddhist sites to receive healing and blessing from these sacred places.


Lama Tendar's tours encompass personal development and inner strength whereby Lama Tendar  teaches participants how to reduce emotions and disturbing thoughts and develop loving kindness and compassion through example of being around monks and nuns and local village people. This brings immense benefits for ourselves and for others.

If you are going to do an international pilgrimage tour just once in your life, then you should do a tour with Lama Tendar. You can then go back home with a treasure full of knowledge and experience visiting  places, temples, monks, and villages normally inaccessible to tourists.


There are only limited places available for all tours (usually sold out months in advance). If you wish to attend, a deposit is usually required as soon as possible to secure your accommodation. A final payment is then due prior to the tour starting as indicated in the Upcoming Events section of this website.

Tour costs do not cover evening meals or airfares if held overseas. Everyone is responsible for booking and paying for their own flights.  What's Included - Accommodation, Breakfast, and Lunch are provided as part of the booking or as indicated.

Our 2020 tour program was cancelled due to Covid 19, we will update you with the latest announcements about the 2021 and 2022 international tour program.

International Retreat

There is a strong tradition among Buddhists of going on retreat in quiet, calm, peaceful or secluded places. In our modern times there is great value in stepping back from worldly concerns and duties and leading a simple, focused life for a short period of time.


Retreats are an opportunity to take meditation and reflection further;  to study the Dharma or experience extended periods of silence or mindful reflection. 

Lama Tendar leads an annual retreat program that is suitable for all, regardless of background. Beginners are welcome!

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