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Ani Drolma - Bio

Ani Drolma has spent over ten years as a student of Lama Tendar at The Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre.  She recently became a nun in a special ceremony officiated by Lama’s own teacher, Gen Norsang, at Gyuto Monastery in Dharamshala, India.

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During her time with Lama Tendar, she has attended many of the main deity courses – Tara, Medicine Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, notably two long Yamantaka Retreats including 100,000 mantra of the key mantras, a long Vajrasattva Retreat with 100,000 mantra recitation and a long Tara Retreat in August 2024.


She has attended four Indian pilgrimages, one including Nepal, visits to sacred sites in Varanasi, Bodghya and Lumbini, two audiences and a Manjushri empowerment with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and numerous teachings with His Holiness and other high Lamas.

Ani Drolmas’s spiritual journey started very young - she insisted on going to Sunday School with her friends - inspite of her parents “weddings, baptisms and funerals” approach to Anglicanism.


After reading and being very moved, by Paramhansa Yogananda’s inspirational work - “Autobiography of a Yogi” -  she studied Transcendental Meditation and began meditating while still in her teens.  In her early 20’s she left her New Zealand homeland and ventured to Perth, Western Australia, where she completed her undergraduate degree, majoring in Literature.


At the same time, she was tossing up between a spiritual journey with an Indian or a Christian mystical flavour.  That “sliding door” decision resulted in her spending 15 years as part of a community dedicated to studying the early Christian mystics, and where she became a Deacon – giving sermons, singing in the choir, officiating at The Cosmic Mass, attending Healing services and so on – she would have become a “free priest”, ironically in a burgundy robe, if she had stayed.


During that time Ani-la’s career morphed from secondary school teaching at Methodist Ladies College in Kew to becoming a Senior Account Director for an advertising agency and finally to Executive Coaching.


As Karilyn Fazio, she started her own business in 2002, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Organisational Coaching (with Merit) from the University of Sydney. While running her business, she provided one-on one coaching, on-going mentoring and culture and team development to many CEO’s, Partners, Directors and Academics from companies as diverse as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Minter Ellison, nab, Nestlé, Intimo,  Charles Darwin University, CSIRO, Fonterra, Transurban, Hallmark, The University of Adelaide, CBRE, King & Wood Mallesons,  Lindt and  Honda.

Karilyn Fazio also facilitated workshops and provided dynamic team coaching to many leadership and management teams, both face to face and on zoom. 

She facilitated change and leadership development for companies such as Nestlé, Transurban, SPAusnet, The University of Adelaide, Charles Darwin University and Intimo; she designed and delivered customised programs in Leadership Development, Women in Leadership, Team Development and Cultural Transformation and Coaching and Communication skills. She is a dynamic, empathic, engaging and wise presenter.

Ani Drolma has a new name, a new forever hairstyle, new burgundy coloured clothing and a new role! 

She has resigned as the Director of her business but is continuing to offer Coaching from A Buddhist Perspective or Coaching with a Buddhist Lens (to support our fundraising program and the teachings of the Medicine Buddha Centre)

If you are working through any work or life challenges that could benefit from a fresh perspective then please call Ani Drolma on 0407510129 or email her at 

You can chat over the phone and decide whether you would benefit from a session.

Dharma Courses

Buddhism for Beginners: with Ani Drolma
Buddhism for Beginners: with Ani Drolma
Multiple Dates
01 July 2024, 7:00 pm AEST
Frankston South

Coaching from a
Buddhist perspective

Using her 25 years of experience as a corporate coach, Ani Drolma helps her clients unpack any self-defeating habitual patterns, to set clear intentions and to become more consciously aware of their internal dialogue, in other words - she helps them to observe their own minds.


Clients are able to gain much more control over their thoughts and feelings - rather than being a hostage to them; they are able to articulate their purpose, intentions and commitments and manage their “monkey mind” and able thereby lead more rich, fulfilling, peaceful and contented lives.

Any preliminary conversations to ascertain suitability and assess fit are at no charge.  If you agree that a coaching intervention is right for you coaching sessions will be charged at the above rate. All conversations are confidential.

Next Steps : 

The cost is $250.00/hour. The proceeds of the session will be donated to the not for profit arm of the Medicine Buddha Centre.


Contact :


Ani Drolma

mobile 0407510129  



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