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These cashmere pashmina shawls are hand loomed from 100% pure cashmere wool fibres. There are a superior quality product in both the handmade construction and the high quality natural materials used.


They are produced by small scale manufacturers in the Ladakh region using traditional hand loom weaving methods and utilising fair trade practices.


This style has a soft, flexible knit construction that is made of 100% pure cashmere wool that has been locally hand carded and spun into yarn.


The irregularity of the natural fibre is integral to the beauty of the fabric; the complexity of the design is testament to the skill of the weavers.


They feature white & grey designs and are effortlessly stylish as a unisex product.


Measurements – 180 x 70 cm

Weight - 150 gms


All products have been personally selected and blessed by Lama Tendar


Pure Cashmere Knit Shawl - Mid Grey Gingham Check