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Image by wilsan u

Perfect for hanging on a wall or over a door’s entrance, the Garuda is the vehicle of Amoghasiddhi, the green Buddha of the north and Lord of the Karma Family.


His two horns represent the two truths, his two wings represent the union of method and wisdom, and his overall form represents transmutation of poison into wisdom.


In Tibetan Buddhism, the Garuda is one of the Four Dignities—animals that represent characteristics of a Bodhisattva. The four animals are the dragon representing power, the tiger representing confidence, the snow lion representing fearlessness, and the Garuda representing wisdom.


Comprised of cast resin and hand painted with a brown patina to give a quality finish and depth of character. This sculpture is easy to hang with a mounting hook installed on the rear.


Made in Nepal.



Measurements :


Height - 18cm

Length - 26 cm

Depth - 7 cm

Weight - 520 gms aprox.


All items have been selected and blessed by Lama Tendar.

Garuda - Brown