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This beautiful White Tara figurative portrait wall hanging is a wonderful representation of the divine Tara.


It easily hangs from the wall using a single nail or screw via the attached mounting on the back. It's carefully molded of resin, hand-finished and hand painted to give it an aged effect and a realistic depth of character.  Made in Nepal.




Length - 30cm

Width - 19 cm

Depth - 8 cm

Weight - 800 gms


About Tara

Tara is represented as a female Buddha who is known as the mother of “liberation”, and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.


White Tara represents the enlightened and liberating activity of all the Buddhas.

She embodies the motherly aspect of universal compassion. Her compassion for living beings and her desire to save them from suffering is said to be similar to a mother’s love for her children.


White Tara, the Mother of all Buddhas, is known for her swiftness in responding to the prayers of those who invoke her name. Her right hand is open towards us in the gesture (mudra) of supreme generosity, signifying her ability to fulfil our spiritual and material needs. Her left hand is in the gesture of bestowing blessing, refuge, and protection, and holds the lotus, a symbol of the innate purity of our true nature.


White Tara has seven eyes: the two usual eyes, an eye in the centre of her forehead ( third eye ) , and eyes in her hands and feet. These eyes indicate that her enlightened vision and omniscient wisdom see all suffering and all cries for help in the human world using both ordinary and extraordinary means of perception.


White Tara mediation practice is said to grant health, long life, fearlessness, patience, and peace. White Tara reminds us that awakening is not an escape or retreat from personal problems, but rather reaching outward and embracing the entire world with the love and compassion of our heart.


If we recognize White Tara’s essence, which is inseparable from our own, she frees us from self-serving thoughts and encourages us to act selflessly and wisely for the benefit of all living beings. This is the surest way to achieve purity, fearlessness, peace, and a long, healthy life.


All products have been personally selected and blessed by Lama Tendar.

White Tara - Figurative Wall Hanging - Large Portrait