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Lama Tendar - Winner of the Inaugural Dharmachakra Award for 'Advancing Education'


In 2024 the Buddhist Council of Victoria launched the Inaugural Dharmachakra Awards to promote excellence in Buddhism.

There were three categories: Advancing Education, Promoting Interfaith Harmony and Providing Compassionate Service – “for selfless service for the welfare of others and Buddhism at large.”

We could have nominated Lama Tendar for all three but chose “Advancing Education” to highlight some of our recent projects such as ‘The Oracle Cards – The Science of Peace and Happiness’ produced by Lama Tendar and Ani Dechen.


We have attached the submission here (link to submission to be updated) so that you can enjoy reading more about our precious Lama Tendar’s gifts and his legacy and see why, out of what we were told was an excellent field of contenders, he was the final chosen winner!


Lama Tendar had an extremely well attended Sound Healing event in Eltham on the day of the United Nations Day of Vesak  at the Melbourne Town Hall when the awards were presented, and so Ani Sonam and Ani Drolma attended the event along with Ani Dechen who, absolutely justifiably, accepted the award on Lama’s behalf. It was a great event dominated by the giant 21 Tara Thangka, a huge Buddha on the stage, some special relics and the Buddhist faithful from all countries who were well represented.


We congratulate Lama Tendar-la on winning this well-deserved Inaugural Dharmachakra Award that showcases the contribution of our esteemed teacher and our humble Centre to Victoria, Australia and to all sentient beings. We also extend our warm congratulations to the Buddhist Council of Victoria for creating the Awards and to the other successful recipients.


As the organisers said “Please join us in recognising and celebrating those who go above and beyond in embodying the teachings of the Buddha.  Together, let us weave a tapestry of compassion and enlightenment that inspires and uplifts.”

Ani Drolma, Ani Dechen and Ani Sonam accept the Dhamachakra award on behalf of Lama Tendar

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