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Awakening the Mind to Happiness Tour

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

East Coast Australia Tour 2023 : Sydney - Brisbane

Awakening the Mind to Happiness Tour with Lama Tendar will take place from April - June 2023. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with Lama Tendar as he travels all the way up the east coast of Australia with a full program of events.

Lama Tendar will offer practical teaching in Vajrayana Buddhadharma, Healing the Body, Speech and Mind with Sound Healing techniques and offer Sound Bath Healing Meditation and Sound Bath Concerts as he travels through various cities and towns from Sydney to Brisbane.

You can also request a personal one hour healing session, animal healings, along with other services such as house and business blessings, baby blessings, consecrations, Bardo prayers and more.

The tour commences in Sydney on April 15th and concludes on the 10th June back in Sydney with an epic Sound Bath Healing Meditation at the iconic Bondi Pavilion, an event not to be missed!

Sound Healing Workshops

Lama Tendar will teach how sound healing works to benefit yourself and others and how to cleanse and harmonize space to benefit all sentient beings. You will receive hands-on introduction on the correct use of singing bowls from an authentic lineage holder and master of the sacred ancient art of sound healing. This workshop will enhance your skill in performing sound therapy whether you are a beginner or wellness practitioner.

Sound Bath Meditation and Sound Bath Concert

A sound bath healing and meditation session by Lama Tendar is a unique opportunity to experience beneficial transformative energy during deep relaxation meditation. This helps to restore positive energy and your mind becomes more refined and refreshed, your body more relaxed and your speech more peaceful and pure.

Please bring a blanket, yoga mat or small cushion for comfort during these sessions.

Benefits of Sound Healing

• Whole Body Balance

• Shift negative emotions and energy

• Reduce stress

• Calm and Centre your mind

• Promotes the feeling of peace

• Clear and purify mind and body

• Increase your vital energy

• Improved sleep

• Better pain management

Medicine Buddha Retreat and Buddhadharma Teaching

Medicine Buddha is the Enlightened Supreme Healer, King of Aquamarine Light. By reciting his mantra, one is protected from all sorts of mental and physical conditions, ultimately, Medicine Buddha leads the path towards the full enlightenment. This retreat offers an opportunity for inner healing so that one can benefit one’s family and the world.

The Medicine Buddha mantra are powerful purification of negative karma for both living and those passed away. It’s also good for helping animals. Lama Tendar will teach how to practice Medicine Buddha’s teaching and the recitation of Mantras.

During the retreat, Lama Tendar will talk about calm abiding meditation for developing mental concentration; and insight meditation about precious human life; impermanence; karmic effects of non-virtuous actions; faults of samsara; and taking refuge in the three jewels. There are four sessions each day, with teaching, guided meditation, chanting, and deep relaxation sound healing.

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