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Buddhist Oracle Cards

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ''Buddhism-Science of Peace & Happiness- Oracle Cards'' created by Lama Tendar and Ani Dechen. 

The cards were produced upon request of the publisher in order to reach out and benefit as many sentient beings as possible.  

The 'Buddhism-Science of Peace & Happiness- Oracle Cards' are based on Authentic Buddhist Teachings presented in a pragmatic way to assist with the challenges of everyday life and to cultivate positive mind, wisdom, compassion and inner peace within oneself.

The set of 52 cards along with a 128-page colour guidebook have been beautifully put together with the utmost care and all proceeds go to the Medicine Buddha Centre in order for the Dharma to flourish and spread throughout the world.

Cards are available to buy through the Medicine Buddha Centre.

Ani Dechen has prepared some guidelines to consider when handling these items.

Reflecting on the manner with which to handle publications

of sacred Buddhist art and teachings.

1. To the extent that you perceive the publication as a manifestation of authentic Buddhist teachings in a format friendly to those in need of spiritual guidance and protection in their daily lives, we rejoice in your merits in spreading it to as many as possible.

2. To the extent that you perceive it as a commodity for making profits, we strongly advise you to adjust your intention to one of the following as much as you can:

1. Wishing that what you do accumulate merits for yourself and loved ones;

2. Wishing that what you do benefits many others; or

3. Wishing that what you do contributes to the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

3. When making a payment for the publication, think you are making an offering to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and fully enlightened Guru Deities and their retinues, as well as to share with all those who worked to make the publication available. If you are getting one for someone else, think you are making an offering on their behalf as well. When receiving a payment for the Centre, regard it in a similar manner.

4. When you see people gaining wisdom insights and become warm hearted from working with the publication, rejoice in their happiness. Also rejoice in the merits of all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, enlightened Guru Deities and retinues, as well as those who worked to make the publication available.

5. Always place the publication in a high and dry place. Avoid placing it on the ground or chair so that people won’t walk over it or sit on it. Avoid moving tea cup over it to prevent water damage. Refrain from writing or making a mark on it, use a notebook or notepad instead. If you no longer need it, pass it onto someone who does need it.

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