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Centre Closed - 6th-22nd January 2023


The Medicine Buddha Centre will be closed from the 6 - 22nd January 2023 for an intensive residential Yamantaka retreat. Lama Tendar will not be available for private healings during this period, the online shop will not process orders for delivery and there will be no activity at the Centre until the retreat finishes. The centre will re-open to guests and visitors from the 23rd January.

We request that people wishing to visit the centre, do so on or after the 23rd of January so that the group will not be disturbed during their retreat. It is customary during this time to make offerings for the retreat and those doing the retreat can do prayers for family members and for the “sponsors”. If you would like to make an offering of food, flowers or fruit for the retreat you can do so before the 6th January at the Centre. We wish Lama Tendar and his group of students a successful retreat, free of obstacles and hindrances, and we thank Lama Tendar for presenting such a precious opportunity of merit accumulation at the Centre.

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