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Medicine Buddha Healing Day - Karilyn & Mia

Dear Sangha and friends ,

The Medicine Buddha Centre is dedicating a Medicine Buddha Healing day for two dear members of our Sangha, Karilyn and Mia, who are both battling with long term illness and are in need of our support and prayers as they journey through this together.

Lama Tendar would like to request all Sangha members, especially those who have completed the Healing Course and Sound Healing Course, to cultivate Medicine Buddha healing energies, calling to the Medicine Buddha powers of wisdom and compassion, to create for them to receive healing energies and purify their illnesses.

Karilyn and Mia will be invited to attend in person at our Centre while we give healing to them.

This is a unique opportunity for everyone to accumulate pure merit through the practice of wisdom and compassion to directly benefit sentient beings.

Through this practice all of our sangha can benefit as well as sentient beings can receive this healing energy. We dedicate this practice to benefit all sentient beings.

Date: Sunday 12th November

Time: 9-3pm

Venue: 132 Kars St, Frankston South

Contribution: by donation

You are encouraged to donate to Lama Tendar and the Centre for holding this event.

Zoom ID 2900418032

Zoom Password 033033

RSVP: (03) 97660768 or email

Please bring a plate to share for lunch.

Donations can be made to :

Lobsang Tendar

BSB 733060

Account 633537

Reference “Donation Prayers for Karilyn & Mia”

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