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Happy Losar 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

Happy Losar (Tibetan New Year) 2022

Year of the Water Tiger

On behalf of the Medicine Buddha Centre, Lama Tendar would like to wish everyone Happy Tibetan Losar, Year of the Water Tiger 2022. May the New Year bring peace within ourselves, peace in the world and good health and prosperity to all beings.

We would like to thank all our friends and Sangha members for their hard work and dedication to the Centre, to keep the Dharma flourishing, and to all our sponsors for supporting Lama Tendar and the Medicine Buddha Centre.

Yamantaka Practice

On the first day of Losar, 3rd March, Lama Tendar will be doing Yamantaka Practice at the Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend or join in on Zoom. There will be hot Tibetan tea offered with breakfast following practice.

Date: Thursday 3rd March
Time: 6am

Special Guru Puja Tsog Offering

We would like to invite everyone to attend a Special Tsog Puja to celebrate Losar with us at the Centre on Sunday 6th March, along with Lama Tendar's birthday.

There will be monks and nuns in attendance performing Guru Yoga Puja. This will be a most auspicious occasion to make offerings and receive blessings so please bring a Kata (offering scarf) and an offering for Buddha and for the altar.

Date: Sunday 6th March
Time: 2-5pm
RSVP: 4/3/22

There will be a scrumptious Tibetan dinner afterwards.

Please RSVP to allow us to cater for everyone.

Online Broadcast

These events will be available on Zoom.

Join Meeting

Zoom ID 2900418032

Zoom password 033033

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