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Dear Sangha and friends,

Thank you very much for your support and contribution to purchase the special Yamantaka, Guhyasamaja and Chakrasamvara statues for our Centre. These constitute the heart practice for Lama Tendar and for the Centre. Lama Tendar was able to secure these items on a recent trip to Nepal.

There is a lot of preparation involved before the statues can be placed on the altar.

Firstly, they need to be cleaned, then blessed then consecrated. The statues need prayers to go into them and each chakra needs energy. Each statue will be filled with the appropriate prayers according to the characteristics of the deity. Each chakra (crown, throat, heart etc) will be filled with prayers and mantras which maintain the energy inside the statues.

The prayers were specially sourced and purchased during Lama Tendar’s visit to Nepal. Other precious things such as medicinal herbs, precious gems, stones and jewellery can also go inside the statues. If you have any precious gems, stones or jewellery to be donated to the Centre, these can be dropped off at the Centre before Friday 9th September.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to bring your personal statues to get them filled and consecrated and / or have your sacred images and thangkas to be blessed by the monks.

All Sangha are invited to attend this very special event at the Centre and assist monks to do the filling of the statues.

DATE: 10th - 11th September

TIME: 9-5pm

CONTRIBUTION - By donation,

Details for filling your own statue

Cost for statue filling:

  • For a small statue (up to 8 inches / 20 CMs ) $150 per statue.

  • For a large statue ( up to 15 inches / 40 CM ) $250 per statue.

There will be invited guest monks in attendance. Your contribution will go towards blessing materials, food and drinks for monks and a monetary contribution for their work (prayers, chanting, filling) for the day.

Please bring a plate of food to share with everyone for lunch and / or morning and afternoon tea

The DEADLINE for dropping off statues at the Centre for filling is Friday 9th September.

This event is available on Zoom.

ZOOM ID 2900418032


For more information : email

We look forward to seeing everyone there.


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