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Brisbane Program - July 2022

Brisbane Program 15th - 17th July with Lama Tendar After 3 years, Lama Tendar returns to Brisbane for a 3 day program in Brisbane. Please join Lama Tendar in person whilst he is in Brisbane during these precious teachings and workshops. Bookings are now open.

Teachings on the Precious Human Life Appreciate this precious human life which we have right now. Learn to recognise how rare and precious this human life is and not waste it for a moment but use it in a meaningful way. Do not lose this precious human life but protect it while we are here and live a meaningful life.

Medicine Buddha Practice Learn to heal oneself and others through the practice of Medicine Buddha. Overcome physical, mental and emotional disease. Date: 15th - 16th July Time: 9 - 4pm Venue: Lotus Yoga Centre 457 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills 4069 Contribution: $180 for the 2 days.

Contact : Gabi (0477) 900 911 Priti: (0407) 173 531 Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch.

Sound Bath Meditation Date: 17th July 2022 Time: 4 - 6pm Venue: Lotus Yoga Centre (See above) Contribution: $40 Booking essential as limited space. Contact: Gabi: (0477) 909 911 Priti : (0407) 173 531

Private Healing & Blessings

Lama Tendar will be available for private healings while he is in Brisbane.

For healing and blessing appointments please contact Gabi on (0477) 900 911.

Book Online Now :

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